HOPE Channel Programme Guide

Radio- and Television Programme (Project no. 3000)

We would like to continue in providing our listeners and viewers with our monthly published programme guide, which inlcudes our HOPE Channel Radio and TV programme. And this free of charge. This causes costs for printing and design as well as regular postage fees round about 16,000 Euros every month.

You would like to support this project financially? Here you can give us your donation for this service:

Audio- and Video Productions

General budget (Project no. 1200)

The production department in our house is responsible for all our audio- and video productions. A big part of our radio and TV broadcasts are for HOPE Channel. But we also produce many CDs and DVDs in our studios. To keep up this work we do need your financial support. 

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Churchphoto.de (Project no. 9004)

churchphoto.de; Foto: Katrin Mueller

Photos and graphics for Christian churches and organisations

With churchphoto a comprehensive Christian database is at your disposal. Since 2005 our photo and graphic collection grows considerably (more than 13 million image viewers until today). Churches make use of this database taking photos for their websites, preachers for their presentations and our media center for illustrating our websites, our television programme our programme booklet without having to pay high licence fees. The continous maintenance  and operation of the database  causes regulary costs for our Media Center that needs to be covered up to now by our donations.

Please help us to finance our Christian picture exchange platform.