Hope Channel TV

General budget (Project no. 3200)

For being able to braodcast new programs we do need new scenery elements as well as more storage locations. Our goal is to transmit new TV-programs to people that are looking for God. We urgently need new equipment to assure smooth recordinds in our studios. Not forgetting those people, who ensure a good production in front and behind the camera: cameramen, editors, audio- and video technicians, make-up artists, author and producer, assistant director, floormanager, stage and scenery builders, playout assistant, interview guests as well as speakers and our customer service. 

You would like to support us financially to assure smooth recordings for the HOPE Channel?  Here you can give us your donation:

Media library (Project no. 3201)

More and more Hope Channel viewers like to watch our TV programme at any time. Therefore we are happy that we can offer for those viewers our media library. That is why we are strengthening our missionary work in making the access to our programmes much easier. Presenting many of our programms on demand in our media library needs a continously high effort of work on our site. More and more peopla are using this service. This leads to a higher utilization of our servers. Therefore our infrastructure needs to be expanded parallel.

Children's programme (Project no. 3202)

Children are our future. Parents want their children to watch programmes on TV that give orientation and communicate values. We need money for an attractive scenery. We need money to record a diverse children's programme. Not all actors in front of the camera are able to make their job on voluntary basis. Therefore we also have to budget costs for freelancers and experts. Additionally we offer a website where children find more information about our children's programme.

"faith.stories." (Project no. 3210)

What about going on a journey through the Bible? Klaus Popa invites you to join him. Old stories become alive and their message is refreshing and can be transferred easily into our daily lives: close to life and practical. Personal questions arise like: Where is God? What does it mean to believe in him? Biweekly Hope Channel German broadcasts a new episode of "faith.stories.". Faith is always something personal and becomes visible in stories believers tell. And in God’s history with his people.

Please help us that this programme can also be produced in future, so that people get an easier access to the Bible and get to know God personally.

"Bible alive." (Project no. 3212)

The goal of this new series is to connect the Bible with everydays life and to present genuine faith. The host Winfried Vogel talks with different guests about relevant verses of the Bible and discusses with them what these verses have to do with our daily life. Every week a new episode is broadcast. It is an encouragement for individuals or groups to think about a biblical topic and to find out, which meaning it has for my everyday life.  

Please help us with your financial support that this series helps people and encourages them to read in the Bible!