Hope Podcasts

General budget (Project no. 3100)

The average German normally uses more time for listing radio than watching TV.  Nowadays approximately 80% of the public listen to the podcasts. Therefore podcasts has become an omnipresent medium. Hope Podcasts can be reached via satellite and internet.

We love making radio because we love people. Inspired by God's word we like to talk, report, encourage, try to console, be critical and give orientation. With our music we want to create a good atmosphere, encourage to take time for reflection and proclaim how God influences our life.

You want to support us to offer interesting radio programmes for our listeners including excellent music? Here you can give us your donation for our evangelistic work.

New contents (Project no. 3103)

Our name "Stimme der Hoffnung (Voice of hope)" is our programme and mission on Hope podcasts.  We broadcast the good news of the salvation through Jesus Christ via  internet.  This causes a lot of costs every day - for recording and transmitting. In addition to that editorial work has to been done for being able to produce devotions, sermons, talks with interesting studio guests, youth programme etc. And last but not least our customer service. Keeping in touch with our listeners and spending more time in moderations is very important for us. We would like to accompany them more often. 

Please help us to broadcast an interesting podcast programme on a daily basis. We want much more listeners to learn more about God's love!