Hope Biblestudy-Institute (Project no. 4000)

Every year thousands of people enrol for one of our bible-study-courses. Our mentors and pastors answer hundreds of questions about the bible which we receive every year.  Also many personal problems of our study participants can be solved with God's help. Many participants are able to do our courses because we can offer them free of charge.
Financially this is a very difficult situation for us. We have to pay for the printing of the study-courses, various books and the shipping costs as well as the salaries of our staff.

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Postage for study participants (Project no. 4003)

If the development continues like last year, we will have to send out approx. 20,000 bible-study-courses to our particpants by mail.  For us this means that we have to pay the postage for 20,000 letters. These costs will arise in addition to the printing costs. Many participants are only able to attend one of our courses because we offer them free of charge.