Make other people more acquainted with us!

We need your assistance! Tell others about us and our work. And please support us financially. Without your support we would not be able to make our job the way we did last year, too!

You are inspired by our German HOPE Channel broadcastings? Let your neighborhood, your friends or other people participate.  Many of our viewers and listeners get to know our channel by accident and are very happy for that.

Please tell others about the work of STIMME DER HOFFNUNG! Here are some tools that will help you:

In your neighborhood

  • Ask for flyer, poster for your distribution. You will get it free of charge.


In your church

  • You can place some information in your church when having a special event.  Please ask for our audio-video-presentation in case you may have a laptop and/or monitor, too.
  • Do you have some space to put up a banner or set up a display? Here you will find many templates in different formats for your disposal.

In the media landscape

  • You want to receive HOPE Channel radio or television via cable network? Viewers do have influence on what they would like to see or not.
    Contact your local cable network providers and ask them to feed HOPE Channel German into their offer.