From our letterbox ...

Hope Channel television

»Ich bedanke mich beim ganzen Team und wollte Ihnen das schon seit langer Zeit persön-lich mitteilen. Den Hope Channel finde ich ganz toll und kenne ihn am 16. Januar 2019 ganze drei Jahre. 80–90% meiner Fernsehzeit schaue ich ihn. Ich bin im letzten Jahr ebenfalls 70 Jahre alt geworden, so wie Ihr. Als ob es so geführt sein sollte.«
(Herr A. aus Kaltendordheim)

Podcast radio

»Danke für das Andachtswort, es hat mir Mut gegeben.« (Herr S. aus Walthersdorf zur Sendung 'Wort zum Tag')

Hope Biblestudy institute

»Ihr Bibelstudium macht mir Freude. Das Wort Gottes wird immer wichtiger für mich, und ande-res ... tritt mehr in den Hintergrund. Gott, Jesus und der Heilige Geist sollen das Wichtigste im Leben sei.«
(Frau S. aus Merdingen)

Hope library for visually handicapped people

»Vielen Dank für die CDs mit den täglichen Andachten. Ich habe den Andachtskalender immer so gerne selber gelesen. Schön, dass ich nun nicht mehr auf die wertvollen Gedan-ken verzichten muss .«
(Frau H. aus Baar-Ebenhausen)


Birgit Kiepe, Donor Liaison and Support

Nowadays people yearn for binding values: they look for guidance and security in their lives. Some people worry about big questions like: „Is there any other invisible world? Why and what for do I live? Will there be any other life afterwards? How can I deal with my personal defeats, guilt, fears and death?“

With our work we want to offer help – help free of charge. Help in finding answers the Bible gives concerning life issues. Through our work thousands of people have discovered what the Bible says about the beginning of the world and how everything will end. They have realized that God really exists and that he takes care of us. And they have experienced that God loves us and that he is with us

With your donation someone else has the chance for a new beginning and to experience how God's word can change lives.
Please support our work with your donation that enables us to spread the good news of the salvation through Jesus Christ and God’s love via all the different media we have.

Thank you very much for your financial support!

How your donation will be used at STIMME DER HOFFNUNG

The financial support given to us by our donars will be used only for the work at STIMME DER HOFFNUNG: HOPE Channel Radio and Television, Service for the Blind, Bibelstudy-Institute as well as the maintanance of our Media Center.
Earmarked donations will only be used for the specific purpose or desired project.  The majority of our donations, legacies and gifts mostly come from the German speaking countries.

Other financial benefits are given to us by the Seventh-Day-Adventist-Church.  These benefits help us to cover additional costs like administration.