Internet and Computer-Services

Our Computer and Internet department supports the various other departments regarding practical daily computer and network issues.

In addition, it provides for the public image of the media center and develops and supports evangelistic projects on the internet, at home and abroad, through:

  • Video and audio streaming
  • Adoption of web and e-mail hosting services
  • Web-Design
  • In-house network administration
  • Provision of TV and Radio broadcasts, live or on demand
  • Podcast
  • WEB-TV (Live stream)
  • Internet portals
  • ... and much more

Audio and Video productions

The production of programs in the media center of Alsbach-Haehnlein takes place in the studios. You can find the Cutter- and Editing studio, the film synchronization studio, voice studios, the sound editing studio, the music studio, the live radio studio, and the video editing studio.

Audio and Video programs aren't produced only for Hope Channel, but also for the Mediashop - DVDs, CDs, Audio book, mp3 etc.