Our strategy

STIMME DER HOFFNUNG has the following departments:

Adventist Media Services

The team for audio and video productions for Hope Channel Radio and TV creates the content of all programs and put forth as a result CDs and DVDs in the German language for sale. Moreover this team consults also technical teams of other media centres and coordinates national and international satellite transmissions.

Audio-Library for blind and visually handicapped people

This special library serves blind and visually impaired people mainly in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Periodically, Christian magazines and books in German are recorded on audio-, MP3- and DAISY- CDs. Then, these products are loaned for free to subscribers.

HopeTV + Podcasts

STIMME DER HOFFNUNG produces Christian podcasta (Hope Podcasta) and TV (HopeTV) programs in German that are broadcasted every day via internet and satellite.

Hope Biblestudy-Institute

That institute offers not only two basic courses on the Bible and Christian faith, but also correspondence courses on biblical prophecy, health, lifestyle issues and children in German as well as partly in the Russian language.

Christian Media Store

All studio and TV productions can be purchased also in our media shop like DVDs, CDs, Audio books, MP3s and much more in German.


With churchphoto a comprehensive Christian database with photos and graphics for Christian churches and organisations is at your disposal.